Why your business should care about UX design

Making the case for UX driven design

A lot goes into your product, a vast number of metrics and analytics are being generated in order for your business to make the right, calculated decisions.

When faced with countless analytics it is easy to overlook that the design of your site will greatly impact your return on investment.

UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) are not just about picking the right shade of teal for your buttons. At it’s core UI/UX are about research and testing that can ultimately impact your companies return on investment.

Companies with strong customer experience have a 35% higher ROI than companies in the S&P 500 Index.Companies with weak customer experience had a 45% lower ROI than the same index.

Watermark Consulting, 2015

Designing your product with your user’s experience at the heart of it all with increase customer loyalty and decrease frustration. A slow load time can vastly change your brand’s perception and hurt your chances of having a repeat visit.

88% of online customers are less likely to return to a site after a bad user experience

Gomez Report, 2010

Judgements on web site credibility are 75% based on web site’s overall aesthetics

Caey and Alsudani, 2009

The 300 Million Dollar Button

One e-commerce company wondered why so many of it’s users were abandoning the checkout process when they had almost reached the end? Research concluded that great distrust (and ultimately abandoned checkouts) occurred when users were prompted to fill out a sign in form before proceeding with their order.

Why did they need to sign up in order to complete their purchases?

Why did the site require their email?

The simple form had been created to make life easier for repeat customers; remembering their details for their next purchase. Who knew that it would generate such negative feedback?

Jared M. Spool

UX research had the answer

Making the sign in process optional gave confidence back to the users; in this case confidence equaled fewer abandoned checkouts. Changing a button and moving the location of a form was the difference in a 45% increase in purchasing numbers and a 300 million dollar annual revenue increase.

To put an emphasis on UI/UX design is to put an emphasis on overall customer satisfaction, increasing brand loyalty and your company’s bottom line.