Asana gantt chart integration with Instagantt

Using Asana's supporting structure to keep projects as lean and agile as possible.

As Ettrics grows, we are fanatical about keeping our supporting structure as lean and agile as possible. Asana provides a host of supporting software that integrates seamlessly with their product. One such product we have started to use is Instagantt.


Ettrics has been using TeamGantt, a gantt chart web application with a monthly fee. One thing I am tasked to do (In Asana!) is to review all software that is being used to see where Asana can help and perhaps offset some costs of additional software.

Instagantt provides all of the functionality that we are used to when we create gantt charts without a lot of complexity (looking at you Microsoft Project!). This was my first integration of third party software I was ready for some complex, unintuitive way to add this to our organization in Asana. A single tear slid down my cheek as I saw these handful of steps:

  1. Log into Instagantt with your asana account
  2. Go to asana workspace and open your profile
  3. Click on Apps
  4. Click Authorize button for Instagantt