Integrating software solutions to manage team tasks

Implementing a more process oriented, agile system using Asana.

Ettrics is growing and an integrated solution is needed to manage our teams tasks. Our goal as a company is to have Asana become the core of business and development with other software like Slack supporting it. I have used many tools across all facets of software development and I can say that Asana is proving to be one of the most intuitive to use. I am actively looking for how things can be made better.

The Asana Guide

Our boss asked me to start writing about my experiences as a Project Manager as I implement a more process oriented / agile system into Ettrics using Asana. Tim Ferriss mentioned in a podcast with Naval Ravikant that one of the most insightful resources he ever found was in a blog post by Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert. This will be my guide to start and I hope you will bear with me as I find my voice.

I have discovered that there are two resources that will prove instrumental in your work in Asana. The first is the Asana Guide. The Asana Guide is not an afterthought and is an excellent resource for finding how to do anything inside the application. It has sets of instructions that are up-to-date and simple to follow. As an example, I have a requirement that a client wants to see the tasks in a spreadsheet. With a quick check using the word ‘export’ I find that the second option in the search results is what I want. Quick, Simple, and accurate.

Enter Templana

The second is Templana - a web site containing templates for Asana. One of our primary missions, in addition to using this tool, is to create an agile environment when it comes to marketing, design and development. Asana has a nice template that we will use that sets up projects in an agile format. We intend to use this and make changes as needed and as we learn more about the product and dive deeper into the agile world. The agile Asana template has four projects that encapsulate basic scrum methodology. We will be trying this template for one of our projects and I will provide feedback after the first sprint.