Top 5 Dribbble Picks: Blog Interfaces

By Shelley Babij on 20 October 2015

Here are our top 5 picks for best blog UI found on Dribbble - in no particular order.

Mobile Blog App Interaction by Ghani Pradita

Great use of transitions from all directions. The variety of movement adds visual interest.

Beer Review Blog by Fiona Mares

The split screen of content on one side and gorgeous photography on the other allows you to focus on one article at a time. Smooth, multi-directional page transitions.

GIF for Blog App by Tubik Studio

Great use of bright colours. Content is organized into easy to read cards and playful bouncing animations added for extra intensity.

Floating button animation by Anton Babenin

Fun animation when edit button is clicked in this material design inspired blog UI. Great transitions between states.

Articles sliding animation by Nguyen Tri

Full screen view of article organization with smooth horizontal scrolling.