These are our top picks for best data visualization UI/UX designs found on Dribble.

IQ Dashboard by Virgil Pana

Animated line graphs and simple tab navigation make this dashboard both visually interesting and easy to navigate.

Workout Summary_freebies by Hanna Jung

Perfect transitions between tile display make this analytics app fun to use.

Bubbles by Qunt

This graph replaces your typical bar graph with interactive dots accompanied by a dynamic informational side-bar.

Analytics App Interface by Gal Shir

A dashboard view shown for mobile with bright colour palette and simplistic, readable graphs.

Statistics (radar chart) by Mike|Creative Mints

A new twist on your typical radar chart with a stand-out, geometric shape and glowing colour palette.

Landing Page For Stats (Analytics for Twitter&Instagram) by Farhan Raznak

Scrolling animations, and 3D graphs really set this landing page apart from the rest.

App For Systems Comparison by Roman Gordienko

A subdued dashboard really makes these charts stand out.

Salesforce UX Dashboard by Thanh Quach

Multiple graphs and charts on this dashboard are easy to read through and have a gorgeous colour scheme.

iOS Data Exploration by Sam Thibault

This minimalist, reversed-out dashboard makes it easy to focus on what’s important.

Today’s Schedule_freebies by Hanna Jung

This mobile app uses gorgeous animations and a simple navigation to move between analytics.