Aligning Objectives with Measurable Results

  • Objective

    Set Measurable Goals

    What part of your business or process do you want to improve? Our team works with you to understand your mission, customer journey and micro-moments to help us identify where you’re experiencing friction along the way. This provides us with a guide for which business objectives to focus on first.

  • Research

    Collect & Discover

    This stage of the project is spent developing customer personas, collecting data along your customer touch points and conducting surveys and market research. This allows us to confirm your initial business objectives or, help re-define them based on user feedback. We must be clear on where to focus our solution efforts as we head into the next phase.

  • Strategy

    Align Goals with Roadmap

    Now that we have established your business objectives, we begin the process of creating a customized digital strategy that enables us to achieve the results you want. It is important that the intent of the strategy be clear and measurable. We define and prioritize your user stories which are put into quarterly sprints. The remaining user stories are put into the roadmap and backlog for future use. Our agile approach helps fuel effective business growth patterns within your organization.

  • Implement

    Engage in Live Moments

    Now it’s time to test the strategy. We begin deploying continuous agile sprint cycles using moodboards, wireframes, site-maps, prototypes and more, all leading to an efficient final product or marketing solution. Our unique design sprints don’t require change orders or limits. We push and modify sprints to meet your needs. Our team of designers, developers, data analysts & marketers work seamlessly and passionately alongside your team with the goal of reaching your business objectives quickly and efficiently.

  • Analyze

    Understand your Customer Journey

    Now it’s time to collect the new customer data and evaluate your progress. What did the data tell us? It is crucial that we listen to the data and not be afraid to adjust priorities so long as it helps eliminate the friction along your customer journey and micro-moments.

  • Iterate

    Continuously Optimize

    Creating meaningful and effective customer experiences is a process. We continue to use our agile approach and iterate until your top priority objectives are functioning efficiently. We then go back to your roadmap and backlog of sprints to decide what type of engaging customer experiences we need to create next in order to optimize the business growth patterns within your organization.

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